New Blog. First Post. #Introductions !!

Introductions. Introductions. Introductions * Experiences subtle panic, dry throat and mind blank simultaneously with the simple  4 worded request …. Tell us about yourself ?

Well, when my brain is engaged and words are able to leave my mouth above a whisper, I am a confident and outgoing individual who has lots to say and loves to read. However, I may be alone in saying this but when I am asked to introduce myself, despite my upbeat nature and bubbly enthusiasm, I never quite know how to begin, besides the traditional and universal well known beginning. Hello.

At this point in the proceedings, I can confidently tell you that my mind is almost in overdrive, with words flying , left, right and center with no cohesive sentences forming. If this experience, was described in driving terms, then I would say it would exceed any speed limits and warrant several fines and points on a license, because after the simple yet powerful hello has passed, tension begins to brew and a tennis match of awkward eye contact begins. My mouth becomes dry with the knowledge that the following few words which leave my mouth will be the first impression I give, and my mother always talks of how first impressions are everything.Whether it be a job interview, a new school or college or even people coming round for dinner but honestly, besides the simple surface level perception of wanting to seem sane and not threatening. I would controversially disagree, of course its only natural to judge an individual on meeting them, but usually the first few words spoken I never believe as determining or revealing in depth an individuals capability, understanding or personality. I would never describe my personality as being shy or nervous (quite the opposite) however, when I’m faced with new faces in a new environment I too, feel panic.

So as I sit here eating Oreo ice cream at my desk, recounting the times I have become tongue tied, instead of waffling on, I should “introduce” myself, in the best way I know how. Short,informative, note form bullet points;

  • My name is Aiysha Ali and I am 17 years old (turning 18 in October)
  • I study A levels ( English Literature, History and Psychology)  and have just finished my AS exams and have returned to begin my A2.
  • I have an older brother (the golden boy) and a younger sister (the spoilt one) and so yes, I`m the awkward middle child, who is neither parents’ favourite.
  • My intentions for the future are to go to university, study psychology and (inshallah) become a clinical psychologist, one day.
  • From the above mentioned word, (inshallah) and the origin of my name, you have probably been able to identify my religion. Yes, I can confirm I am a Muslim woman, who follows Islam

I created this blog to share my views and experiences with all of you. So please feel free to comment on any posts, you can relate to or to ask any questions which may arise. Honestly speaking, I will publish postings on my blogs frequently (whenever the urge to write arises) but not promising everyday.

As you may find out from later postings, I love quotes, so I want to leave you with 2 today;

“”when you judge others, you do not define who they are, you define who you are”

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

A x


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